Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day Fun


Valentine’s Day Sites

Sweetheart Candy

In addition to the games and activities here at, we have even more Valentine’s Day content across some of our other sites. Here are a few of them: Valentine Poems: site recommendations from Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages: printable coloring pages Valentine Crafts: site recommendations Valentine’s Day Cards: site recommendations Love Poems: a collection […]

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Flowers, Love and What It Really Means for Valentine’s Day

Flower Bouquet

The flowers that arrive on Valentine’s Day all over the world, are beautiful, however, you may be surprised to learn that virtually every flower has a meaning. The language of flowers is not something that has been created as a commercial novelty by florist, but rather has been present down through the centuries. Everyone from […]

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The Meanings of the Most Common Valentine Flowers

Valentine Heart with Flowers

There are some common types of flower that are most often sent on Valentine’s Day. It is interesting to note that each flower has a particular meaning. While there are no rules about what flowers can be sent, it can be helpful to know what each flower means. This way you can choose the flower […]

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What Else Should I Give My Husband for Valentine’s Day?

Thumbnail image for What Else Should I Give My Husband for Valentine’s Day?

Choosing Valentine’s Day gifts is frequently challenging, especially when you are buying a gift for someone you have shared several Valentine’s Days with. When selecting a gift for your husband on Valentine’s Day, consider the following.  Home Made Gifts- Everyone appreciates a gift made from the heart, and given with love. If you are looking […]

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What Does Your Valentine Bouquet Say To You?

Valentine's Day Flowers

There are many beautiful flowers that can be sent on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are one of the most popular and well loved gifts to give and receive on Valentine’s Day. However, if you want to make your floral Valentine truly special, you can use the language of flowers to let your love know what you […]

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What Are the Best Movies to Rent for Valentine’s Day?

Couple Watching Movie

If you want to have some fun this Valentine’s Day, why not rent one of the iconic romantic movies that so many have seen. There is no reason to try and search out a new movie, when there are so many classics that can make your Valentine’s Day truly special. You can pick one or […]

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What Should I Give My Husband for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day Candy

Husbands can be difficult to buy for on Valentine’s Day because many women over think it, or want the gift to be so perfect, or so romantic that the pressure starts to overwhelm them. So, instead of feeling pressure, consider your husband, his interests, and what you love about him, then find gifts that embrace […]

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Best Valentine’s Day Movie Rentals

Couple walking to Movie Theater

When Valentine’s Day rolls around you may think that all you have to do is get a reservation at her favorite restaurant, pick up some flowers and chocolates, and you’re all set. While that scenario is always nice, why not make this Valentine’s Day a little more special and a little more personalized?  Instead of […]

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What Are the Best Movies About Valentine’s Day for Kids?


While we often think about Valentine’s Day being just for adults, there are plenty of ways for kids to celebrate. Many popular DVD’s have a great Valentine’s Day message for the younger set. If you need a fun movie to celebrate the holiday, or want to offer the babysitter an activity while you hit the […]

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Affordable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Couple at Dinner

Sometimes celebrating Valentine’s Day means a pretty big price tag. However, if you want to let your special someone know what they mean to you, they are more affordable ways to make the day special. While flowers, chocolates and dining out can be a special evening, if your pocket book just can’t afford it, then […]

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