Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day Fun

Love Poems

Since My Valentine Got A Computer


Valentine’s Day: A Funny Valentine PoemBy Joanna Fuchs Since my Valentine got a computer, My love life has taken a hit. Nothing I say is important, Unless it’s a byte or a bit. Before she got her new laptop, Everything was just fine; Now she says we can’t talk Unless we both go online. “But […]

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The Flood’s Promise


The night was dark, cold, forebodingThe ark I had hoped never to needSat ready and self-sufficient, awaiting the dropsThe sky opened with gusting winds and torrential rain The new ocean tossed and tumbled my simple craftAll alone amidst waves and thunderI sit in my misery and wonder if the light will comeForty days and forty […]

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I lie here late at nightSleep eludes meA word, a face haunts my thoughtsHis image woven in the fabric of my mindSense escapes me whene’er I see his face float before my eyesSo many things I’d like to sayYet my tongue is silent with fearA terror that he would reject meI, a common coward, lie […]

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Together Forever

Couple embrassing

Together, forever,That’s what I see.Whenever, whereverThat’s how we’ll be.Together, forever,That’s you and me. Vince

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How May I Earn Thy Love?

Couple Arm and Arm

How may I earn thy love, my joy, my sweet?I live but for thy smallest fleeting smile.My honours all I place beneath thy feet,And tremble at my daring all the while.Thy silken tresses; aye, thy honey’d locksFlow smoother on than rivers to the sea.The yearning of my heart my thinking mocks,That I might dare believe […]

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My Heart


Strange-I live with my heart outside my breast.Instead, thou holdst it in thyself, ’tis true,Since I to thee love finally confessed,And thou returned it, making one of two.‘Tis hard to live without thee in my sight;I sorely miss thy blissful countenance,Thy gentle touch which sets my soul to flight,And thy eyes, which, full of inner […]

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falling isn’t fearful with your arms ending my descent your embrace allows no pain elation fills my heart when you catch me in your arms I soar above the clouds your kisses take me beyond the sky and the lightness of my heart prompts me to ponder why call it falling? I’m flying in love […]

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It Starts As A Whisper


It starts as a whisperThat little voice in your ear For finally there comes the pointWhere you know that love is near. How long I have waitedTo have my heart so sing It’s the way you make meLove our life…And every little thing. So please, my sweetJust hold my handAnd watch as we go yonder […]

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The Scent Of You

Sealed with a Kiss

In the morning, you kiss me ‘goodbye’And I breathe in your wonderful scent I wake later realizing that your presence lingersThat you are still with me I hug your pillow and it smells like youI rise and smile . . .The room carries the scent of your cologne I wake our son and I can […]

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The Other Side Of Forever

Pink rose with letter

We have passed through so much timeMerely existingAs spirits soulfully entwined You happened across my path one dayAnd decided that you’d like to stay Now we look at each otherAnd we are amazedAt how far we’ve comeHow our spirits have grownAnd how quickly the seeds of our life were sown. Someday, on the other side […]

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