How to Design Your Own Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Ever wanted to make your own friendship bracelet pattern? This video will teach you how to create your very own patterns using graph paper and markers.

  • Noreen

    Hi Thanks for the tutorial……It looks like the designs are for alpha patterns………I am looking for a tutorial on a normal pattern…….I have managed to make my first design for a bracelet…but am having trouble putting in a 3rd color which i only want far down in the design.
    Lol…threw painstakingly drawing circles for knots and then following the strings and making the direction of the knots according to what color i want the next knot color to be I seem to be getting it right but so far i am only on my third row.
    I have not found a site telling one how the do the knots to get the desired colour….that is when you are doing your own design . I have just managed to work it out with a pencil and a rubber….
    Do you have any advice.
    Thanks regards Noreen

    • Marie

      Well, well, well….where to begin. First of all, just thought that I would lend you a helping hand by telling you that you probably should have made a second version of your tutorial. Most of what was said was unclear. The words were stumbled upon, thoughts were incomplete, weird noises were made in place of actual words. The worst part of the speech though was the mumbling. If you are trying to teach someone about something, it would be wise to speak clearly and loud enough for people to hear you. That part really isn’t what this email is about though. You said you were teaching how to make patterns. What you failed to deliver was how to go about making that pattern. So far you have just colored in a few boxes, which I suppose you could call a picture, but definitely not a pattern for friendship bracelets. I was actually really intrigued at first and excited to learn how to create my own pattern. There was no indication on how many strings to use, what knots to tie, etc etc. So please do everyone a favor, really take all this in and think about it before you post another (what could be) misleading video. If you figure out how to create these patterns????? , please re post. I am eager to know and am hoping that the initial thoughts and feelings from what you have lead people to believe can actually be met. Have a lovely day!

  • Amnesia

    This was sort of confusing, does any one have any other videos to do this?