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Flower Fans

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Watch as The Crafty Crow shows how to make and decorate a lovely floral fan. This is must-do activity is perfect to welcome the first flowers of spring and keep you cool through the hot summer months.

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Catch a Rainbow

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DLTK brings us a fun and simple color experiment. Watch and learn as primary colors combine to form secondary colors, tertiary colors and (ultimately) brown.

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The History of Cubism

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Don’t blink or you will miss something important! This quick but informative clip traces Cubism from the influences of Paul C├ęzanne and native art, defining the difference between analytic and synthetic cubism along the way.

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Picasso and Braque: Inventing Cubism

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In this interesting video, curator Michael Taylor breaks down works by Picasso and Braque, discussing techniques and symbolism within each one.

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Ghost Milk Jugs

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This simple craft is great for kids of all ages and, odds are, you have most of the supplies on hand already. Turn old milk or juice containers into glowing outdoor decorations using a marker, a pair of scissors and a tea light.

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Handy Halloween Party Favors

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These popcorn hands are not only fun to make but a yummy party treat! Using plastic gloves, candy corns, popcorn and a rubber band, you and your little ones can make decorative, edible party favors.

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Fun Bat Craft

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Here is a video tutorial on how to make a cute Halloween bat decoration using a toilette paper tube, construction paper and some googly eyes!

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Paul McCartney Interview

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A young Paul McCartney is interviewed by David Frost on May 18, 1964. Paul answers questions about his music, the future and being one of The Beatles.

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Paul McCartney Teaches Bass

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Paul McCartney teaches us how to play the baseline from one of his songs in this quick excerpt. It is designed for people who already know how to play the bass, but it is still fun to watch Paul jam for those of us who don’t.

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Amazing Bloody Handprint

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For older kids, mix a little science in with their artwork. This video shows a neat reaction between household window cleaner and goldenrod paper. Kids can create secret messages and scary handprints when they combine the two!

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