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Paul McCartney Teaches Bass

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Paul McCartney teaches us how to play the baseline from one of his songs in this quick excerpt. It is designed for people who already know how to play the bass, but it is still fun to watch Paul jam for those of us who don’t.

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Amazing Bloody Handprint

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For older kids, mix a little science in with their artwork. This video shows a neat reaction between household window cleaner and goldenrod paper. Kids can create secret messages and scary handprints when they combine the two!

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Handprint Fireworks

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This video is an Independence Day activity, but the educational value can be used year round. Hidden in this art project are great lessons on the difference between left and right as well as practice cutting out shapes; perfect for young learners.

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Handprint Art With Kids

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An art teacher named Patty Fernandez gives us a great lesson on how to make handprint artwork with young kids. Patty shares lots of helpful hints that she has gained from her experience as an educator.

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Illuminating Photography

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Eva Timothy gives us an incredibly interesting overview of the history of cameras. From the most basic projectors to the camera phone of today, photography has been around for much longer than we may think. VIew full lesson: The origins of the cameras we use today were invented in the 19th century. O…

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How to Take Better Pictures on Your Cell Phone

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This video is full of small, but enormously helpful tips to get the most out of your camera phone. Topics include lighting, how to hold your phone and ways to improve video quality.

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Eric Carle Painting a Mural

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This short video shows a Eric Carle painting a giant picture called a mural. Notice the paintbrush he uses and how carefully he stands.

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Mother’s Day Brunch Kids Can Cook

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Lizzie Marie Cuisine shows kids how they can make a delicious Mother’s Day Brunch. The menu includes Green Eggs and Ham, Marinated Berries, and a Fizzy Fru drink. Lizzie gives us lots of great instructions and information about the products she uses to help us make a special meal for Mom.

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How to Make Eyeball Bites

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Make these healthy treats for your little ones on Halloween. Let them help you pick the veggies and then get them to help create these creepy snacks.

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Paper Boat Origami

Here’s a quick origami project for all you water lovers out there. I wonder if you used waterproof paper if it would float?

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