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David After Dentist

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Meet David, he just got back from the dentist! David is a lovable kid who can make almost anybody laugh! David is feeling a little funny from his medicine. Watch the funny things David says and does while he is in the car with his father.

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Kid Gives Speech After Learning To Ride A Bike (Original)

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This kid is very happy that he learned how to ride a bike! He has a few things he’d like to say to all the other kids that are learning how to ride a bike. Watch his cute speech in this video. Thanks to him, all kids should be able to ride a bike!

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Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy

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This chubby little boy sings a cute little song. Watch this video and your heart will melt! He is adorable and the song is cute too. Watch this video, it’s not easy to come across something this cute!

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Sweet Child Tells a Fairy Tale

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This child tells a creative fairy tale in french that she made up all by herself! Listen to the crazy story she came up with. She is a cute little girl with a big imagination! If you want to smile, watch this video.

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Scarface School Play

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Watch this school play of Scarface. This school play is shortened and made appropriate for little kids. Watch as these adorable kids act out the movie Scarface for an audience. This video is too cute to pass up, watch it now!

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High Five for First Kiss

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What was your first kiss like? Watch this cute young couple experience their first kiss! They are so happy that they high five for it! This video will brighten up any day, check it out now!

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Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”

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Whenever Jessica is having a bad day, this is what she does! Jessica tells herself everything she loves about her life. This adorable video will put a smile on your face. Maybe we should all learn something from her!

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Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan

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If you’re a Justin Bieber fan, you will love this video! Justin surprises a little girl who claims she is in love with him. The little girl is adorable and starts to cry because she loves Justin Bieber so much! Watch as her biggest dream comes true!

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Star Wars according to a 3 Year Old

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This adorable 3 year old girl tries to explain Star Wars. She explains the movie in her own words as best as she can. This video is adorable because the little girl is adorable! Check this video out and send it to friends !

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I Have to Deal with Stereotypes

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This boy talks about all the stereotypes he deals with on a daily basis, except he makes it funny! He talks about the asian stereotypes and tries to prove them wrong. Will it work? To find out, watch and enjoy this feel-good video!

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