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Charlie Bit My Finger – Again !

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Watch these two adorable brothers while they’re sitting on the couch. Charlie is sitting in the front, and his older brother is in the back. Charlie bites his brother’s finger, but then laughs about it! These brothers are very cute!

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My Webcam

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This girl can do some pretty funny things with her webcam. Watch this video about the different effects her webcam has. She can put funny accessories on her face, track her face, and more! Watch the entire video to see all the fun things her webcam can do.

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Strange Faces and Noises I Can Make III

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Do you want a good laugh? If you like funny faces, watch this video! Watch this guy makes hilarious noises and faces! He can make a lot of faces you’ve probably never seen before. This funny video will brighten up even the worst of days!

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Mother’s Day

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These two brothers just can’t seem to get a good picture for Mother’s day! One of the brothers wanted to take a picture for his mom, but the other brother keeps causing trouble. Will these two ever get a good picture?

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Laughing Baby

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What’s cuter than a baby? A laughing baby! This cute baby can’t stop laughing! The babies parents keep making noises that make the baby laugh. The babies laugh is adorable, watch it here and you’ll soon be laughing too!

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Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

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The Harry Potter characters hear a strange noise, and they can’t figure out what it is! Instead of trying to find the noise, they start making music along with it! Listen to this catchy tune they create by just saying their own names. Will they ever find out what the noise is!?

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Mixed Nuts

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This girl just can’t get her family’s attention! Watch as she tries to tell a story to her family. Her family gives some pretty unexpected responses! Is your family anything like this? Check this funny video out now!

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The Mean Kitty Song

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This silly song is about a mean little kitty! The kitty’s name is Sparta. Sparta is a trouble maker! You’ll be singing song forever, it’s pretty catchy! Watch the cute little kitty do naughty things in this silly video.

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Monkey Hot Springs in Japan

CNN’s reports people are flocking to hot springs made built especially for Japan’s wild monkeys.

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Maria Aragon Sings LADY GAGA – Born This Way

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10-year old Maria Aragon sings a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” And YouTube hatches another child star!

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