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Friend or Fake

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Keyan’s new online friend wants to meet face-to-face, but is this a good idea? Tad and Slick don’t think so!

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Stand Up to Cyberbullying

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What is cyber-bullying and how can you stop it? By standing up for yourself or others, you can help make the internet a nicer place for everyone.

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Evaluating Online Information

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Here are some useful guidelines to help you evaluate the quality of information that you find on the Internet.

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Information Literacy

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Not all information is created equally. What are the four steps any information literate person needs to know and practice? Watch this video to find out.

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Weebly Beginner’s Guide

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Starting a blog with the Weebly platform? Here is an hour long video that covers the basics to help you get started.

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The Hour of Code

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The Hour of Code is here! If you spend just one hour, you too can create a computer program. Have you done an Hour of Code yet? Join millions of others for The Hour of Code.

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Top 10 Tech Terms for Teachers

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Technology shapes every aspect of our lives, including how we learn. Take a quick look at some of the new ways people are sharing information today. Terms like meme, MOOC, tethering and augmented reality are covered in this brief but informative video.

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History of the Internet

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Sit back and enjoy this animated documentary explaining the history of the internet. Learn a bit about the inventions that came about as a result of this amazing undertaking, from time-sharing to file sharing, and follow the journey from Arpanet to Internet.

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History of Internet

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Have you ever wondered where the internet came from? This short video proposes that the reason the internet was created was militarist fear and scientific utopianism. What do you think?

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40 Years of the Internet

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Rewind the clock and take a journey in this short video of the internet’s 40 year history. This video will take you from the first message sent over the ARPANET through the developmental years all the way to the internet becoming the center of our digital lives.

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