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10-20-30 Presentation Rule

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Former Apple Macintosh evangelist Guy Kawasaki, illustrates a simple to remember and truly effective mini-set of rules to conquer PowerPoint.

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Garr Reynolds

Presentation designer and communications expert Garr Reynolds, shares his experience in a provocative mix of illumination, inspiration, education, and guidance that will change the way you think about making presentations with PowerPoint.

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RSS in Plain English

Commoncraft explains what RSS feeds are, and how you can use them to keep up with your favorite websites.

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Google Docs in Plain English

CommonCrafts explains how to use Google Docs for collaborative sharing.

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WetPaint Wikis in Plain English

CommonCraft explains WetPaint wikis.

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Wikis in Plain English

CommonCraft made this video because wiki web sites are easy to use, but hard to describe.

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