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Kite Basics – Build A Kite

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This kite project is designed to support the flight unit of the flight curriculum at the elementary school level. The video includes step by step instructions for building a kite. This is an excellent project for youth clubs, Brownies, Cubs etc. This simple sled kite is an excellent flyer and is easy to build. The […]

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How To Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

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How to make a homemade pine cone bird feeder. Step by Step Instructions by Lucy.

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Bird Feeding Basics

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Learn how to attract a variety of bird species to your backyard.

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Bird Watching: Bird Feeding

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Bo Brown is a professional wildlife biologist, naturalist and wilderness survival instructor.

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Penney Ante

Penney Ante is a coin game devised in 1969 by a mathematician called Walter Penney. In it, two players predict three coin tosses. The prediction that appears first in a run of coin tosses wins. This should be a fair game. However, if Player 2 makes his prediction after Player 1, he can use mathematics […]

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The Book of Magic

Simple descriptions of hundreds of good magic tricks, and suggested patter to enhance your performance. By Archie Frederick Collins, 1916. Also available as a free download.

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Young Magician: Magic Tricks

Every kid wants to be the best magician in school — and can be, with these 23 terrific, easy-to-learn tricks. Limited preview – 2005 – 48 pages – Young Magician: Magic Tricks by Oliver Ho.

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Magic Tricks from 5Min

Check out these magic tricks from 5 Minute video

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Mulitply Your Money Using Magic

Take a dime and turn it into fifty cents instantly! Learn this coin trick in minutes and amaze your friends

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Magician Teaches Magic Tricks

Seattle magician of My Quick Tricks teaches how to make a quarter disappear.

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