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Horrible Histories Pilgrim Rap

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Take a few minutes to watch this fun and educational rap video brought to us by Horrible Histories, an educational television series from Great Britain.

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Plimoth Plantation Virtual Tour

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Come along on this virtual tour of Plimouth Plantation! Pilgrim reenactors give first person narratives about life on the plantation. Learn about the tools they used to settle and build their homes, what they grew in their gardens and see the inside of their homes.

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Paul McCartney Interview

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A young Paul McCartney is interviewed by David Frost on May 18, 1964. Paul answers questions about his music, the future and being one of The Beatles.

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Paul McCartney Teaches Bass

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Paul McCartney teaches us how to play the baseline from one of his songs in this quick excerpt. It is designed for people who already know how to play the bass, but it is still fun to watch Paul jam for those of us who don’t.

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Berlin Wall Erected

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Did you ever wonder how a city could be cut in two? Filled with great footage from 1961, this video shows the first sections of the wall being laid with brick and mortar. There would be many modifications to the wall over the next 28 years, but this is how it started.

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A GPS Berlin Wall

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Are you planning a trip to Berlin? Since very little of the Berlin wall is still standing, this GPS guided tour is a neat way to see exactly where the wall stood.

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Walled In!

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A second wall, erected in 1962, ran parallel to the original Berlin Wall and created what is known as the Death Strip. Using computer generated graphics, this video reviews the tactics used by East Germany to prevent citizens from fleeing to West Germany.

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History Of The Berlin Wall

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This very informative World History class project tells the story of the Berlin Wall from the beginning to the end.

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What Is the Declaration of Independence?

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A quick review of the events and people that created the Declaration of Independence. Great for young learners and educators, this video is a great starting place for those interested in learning more about American History.

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National Archives: Declaration of Independence

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The original Declaration of Independence is on display in the Rotunda of the National Archives. In this Inside the Vaults video short, we learn about the efforts to conserve it as well as a fun history mystery ‘printed’ on the lower left corner.

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