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Optical Illusions of The Parthenon

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NOVA | NOVA Short | Optical Tricks of the Parthenon What did the Ancient Greeks know about perception and optical illusion? Take a closer look at the Parthenon and the building techniques of the Ancient Greeks. Brought to you from our friends at NOVA.

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Art History of the Parthenon

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Take a quick art history tour of The Parthenon. Learn about some of the architecture, artwork, and history of the building itself. Interesting, informative, and quick…a must see.

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Groundhog Day

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This cute little video packs a lot of information on these furry underground weathermen in a kid friendly format.

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Candy Cane Ornament Craft

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Learn to make this special candy cane ornament in this short video. It almost looks good enough to eat!

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Glue and Rice Christmas Wreath Craft

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Let your creative side run wild and spread a little holiday cheer with this cute Christmas craft!

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Magazine Christmas Tree Craft

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Decorate for Christmas by recycling an old magazine and turning it to something beautiful! Learn how to make this simple craft in this short video.

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The Way of the Samurai

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Brought to us by PBS, The Way of the Samurai tells the tale of the first Europeans to arrive in Japan and how a young samurai boy, Tokugawa Ieyasu, unified Japan. His dynasty would rule Japan for over 250 years.

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Halloween Mummy Dogs Recipe

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Feed the children a quick and easy spooky dinner before they head off for some trick or treating fun.

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Chocolate Spiders Recipe

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Learn to make some creepy, crawly deliciousness for your Halloween enjoyment! Ingredients – 3 cups Desiccated Coconut, 1 cup Chocolate, Liquorice for legs, and M&M's for eyes.

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World War I Summary

Starting with the assassination of the Austrian Crown Prince, Frances Ferdinand, in 1914 and ending with the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, this short video is an overview of the causes and effects of World War II.

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