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Fun in the Sun

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Photosynthesis is fun in the sun; it provides us with the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat! This video covers the two main processes of photosynthesis: the light reactions and the Calvin Cycle. Due to its in-depth look at photosynthesis, this video is best suited for more advanced students.

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Photosynthesis and Food

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Amanda Ooten shares with us the simple story of photosynthesis and food for Ted Ed.

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Capitalizing on Collections

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Learn about the project to catalogue the genetic barcodes of plants and animals around the world. The aim is to build a cheap and easy identification tool which will have the power to bring biodiversity to everyone.

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Vascular Plants = Winning!

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This Crash Course in biology focuses on vascular plants, which are, most likely, the type of plant you think of when you think about plants – if that makes sense. Chock full of information, some of which may be best suited for an older audience, it covers the basics of plant structure, transpiration (the movement […]

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Space School: Neptune

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From Neptune’s discovery to Voyager 2, this informative video covers it all. Topics covered are Neptune’s atmosphere, core and rings as well as a special glimpse at Triton, Neptune’s largest moon.

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Voyager 2 at Neptune

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By the time Voyager 2 reached Neptune, it took 4 hours for the data it sent to reach Earth! In this neat video check out actual images from the mission and learn more about what makes Voyager 2 and Neptune so amazing.

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Can You Go the Speed of Light?

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This video asks: Is there a universal speed limit? Take a fun and interesting journey as we explore the possibilities and dilemmas of traveling at the speed of light!

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Einstein’s Imagination

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Einstein used his imagination to formulate his Special Theory of Relativity which describes space, time and light.

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Einstein’s Relativity In Everyday Life

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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a nifty result of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, but how else do we experience relativity in everyday life? View this video to learn more about motion, inertia and relativity.

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The Twin Paradox

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Physics in a Minute brings us the twin paradox. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, see how two twins can age at different rates.

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