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What Is an Ecosystem?

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Don’t look in the dictionary, watch this short video that explains a bit about ecosystems. You will learn what cool terms like diversity and energy transfer mean as well as why they are important in an ecosystem.

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Charles Darwin – My Favourite Scientist

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This short video, presented by My Favourite Scientist, takes a quick look at the life of Charles Darwin and his theory.

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Gregor Mendel – My Favourite Scientist

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My Favourite Scientist presents a short video on Gregor Mendel. Largely considered the grandfather of genetics, Mendels work on pea plants was ahead of its time.

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Bill Nye Genetics Episode Clips

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This short video is composed of clips from the episode of Bill Nye on Genetics. Take a closer look at DNA, chromosomes, and genes in this fun filled short video.

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DNA for Kids

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Learn the basics of DNA and genetics in this animated biology lesson. Learn about the essential proteins and the genes they form. Take a look at the contribution to understanding the double helix made by scientists Watson and Crick.

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We’re NASA and We Know It!

The NASA Mars Curiosity team spoofs the popular rock song by LMFAO “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”

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Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror

Learn about all of the challenges that were faced by the NASA team when they were designing the landing sequence for the Curiosity Rover in this short animated video.

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Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Animation

Explore Mars virtually in this 11-minute animated video. Key events of the Mars Science Laboratory mission, which resulted in the landing of Curiosity on Mars in August 2012, are depicted.

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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

Buzz Aldrin tells about the “UFO” that the Apollo 11 crew saw on their way to the moon. Was it a piece of the Apollo 11 rocket? Was it an alien spaceship? Will we ever know for sure?

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The Flight Of Apollo 11 – Eagle Has Landed

This interesting video tells the story of the Eagle landing on the moon in July 1969. Using television footage, video, and photography, this short video allows the viewer to relive the events of the Apollo 11 mission from launch through recovery. Courtesy of NASA.

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