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Never Mess Around with Fire

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Get your toes tapping as you listen to The Danger Rangers’ Never Mess Around with Fire music video!

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Kitchen Safety

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Join Safety Scout Steve, a junior fire dog in training, as he interviews a real live chef to earn his Kitchen Safety Merit Badge.

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Manifestio: Texting While Driving

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This slow-motion 30-second ad from the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration starts with a few teens laughing and chatting in a car. The driver receives a text, looks at her phone and blows past a stop sign and gets broadsided by a truck. The action plays out in excruciatingly slow motion.

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Fab Labs

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Imagine if you had the tools to build almost anything you wanted. Access to laser cutters, computers and 3D printers will have revolutionary effects on communities world wide. What will you make?

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What is a Fab Lab?

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Imagine a place where you can turn your ideas and concepts for new products and prototypes into reality. The next step in manufacturing will make everyone the designers, producers and consumers of their own products and fab labs will help make it happen.

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Public Libraries, Fab Labs and the Future

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What does technology like 3D printers and the internet mean for the future? There are some big ideas and big possibilities so here is a brief look at some of them and how public libraries can play an important role in their development.

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Texting and Driving

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A ride in a driving simulator shows how dangerous it is to text while driving. Texting shifts the focus of the driver from the road to the phone, resulting in narrow misses, collisions, and swerving in and out of lanes.

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Avoid Distracted Driving

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Radios, phones, and food are some of the most common distractions when we drive a car. In this video learn about why it is dangerous to take our attention away from the road for even just a few seconds.

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Change the World in 5 Minutes

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Meet a cool group of kids from Australia that are finding ways to make the world a better place to live. Their actions may be simple but they have a big effect on our environment, our societies, and ourselves. What can you do to change the world in 5 minutes?

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The History Of Singapore

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The History of Singapore is brought to us by the Discovery Channel. Find out why a country with little or no natural resources and infertile land has become one of the riches countries in the world in this interesting video.

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