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Political Borders Of Europe From 1519 To 2006

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A look at the changes in the political borders in the EU.

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EU Parliament and The Treaty of Lisbon

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A brief explanation of the EU Parliament and its function within the European Union under consideration of the changes caused by the Treaty of Lisbon.

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Pictures of Beijing Olympics 2008

Enjoy these photos from the Beijing Olympics 2008.

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Animaniacs Geography Lesson

Animaniacs sings a fun geography lesson. Sit back and enjoy the music!

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U.S. Election 2008 Primary Wrap Up

CNN wraps up the 2008 Presidential primary season with this short video.

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What is the Difference Between a Liability and an Asset?

Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki explains the difference between liabilities and assets.

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Olympic News for Children

Kids News Network produces sports news for children, with teen reporters from around the world.

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Welcome to Beijing Olympics

Welcome to Beijing. Another morning is coming, and brings in the fresh air. Our friendship will never change, just like the fragrance of green tea. My door is always open for you, and I’m here for you with open arms.

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Volcano images set to the song “Volcano” by Red Plastic Bag.

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What’s It Like When Volcanoes Blow?

Ignite Learning animation explains the power behind volcanoes.

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