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November 2009

Siberian Tiger

This Siberian Tiger is 13 feet long and weighs 900 pounds.

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White Tiger: Fact vs. Fiction

Species Spotlight looks at the popular white tiger, which actually isn’t a separate species of tiger. White tigers in captivity are produced from inbreeding and weaken the captive tiger gene pool and do nothing to help tiger conservation of.

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Tiger Pictures

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Enjoy these beautiful tiger photos in this slide show from the Sumatran Tigers group at Flickr.

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The Elements of Style

Privately published by William Strunk of Cornell University in 1918. It was later revised by his student E. B. White and re-published in 1959.

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Active and Passive Verbs

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Watch this short video explaining active and passive verbs.

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Active vs Passive Voice Part One

Voice refers to the way a writer structures a particular idea. In active voice, the subject of the sentence ACTS!

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How to Change Passive Voice to Active Voice

In writing, changing passive voice to active voice is often as simple as circling such mistakes and correcting them habitually. Change passive voice to active voice with tips from a produced playwright in this free video on writing skills.

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Penney Ante

Penney Ante is a coin game devised in 1969 by a mathematician called Walter Penney. In it, two players predict three coin tosses. The prediction that appears first in a run of coin tosses wins. This should be a fair game. However, if Player 2 makes his prediction after Player 1, he can use mathematics […]

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Math in Card Tricks and Games

Emory mathematician Ron Gould uses cards tricks and games to teach probability theory.

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