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May 2012

Megastructures: Impossible Bridges

This National Geographic special details the building of the Rio Antirio bridge that spans the Gulf of Corinth in Greece. This amazing structure is one of the world’s longest cable-stayed bridges. Not only that, it crosses an active fault line and is suspended over very deep water.

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How to Go Star Gazing With Your Kids

Want to learn more about Google Earth, Google Moon and Google Mars? Ever wonder about satellite tracking software from NASA? Have you heard about the astronomy and satellite tracking iphone apps called GoSatWatch, GoSkyWatch and Star Walk? This short video from Dad Labs takes a look at all of these varios applications while encouraging you […]

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The Solar System Song

Did you know that Mercury is made of iron or that there is no water on Venus? These are just a couple of the small facts I learned while watching this short video. You’ll learn many interesting things if you take the time to learn the words to this cute song about our solar system.

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