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See how KoalaTracker is being used to collect data that can be used to help protect these cute marsupials. Also, learn how to spot koalas on your next walkabout!

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Protecting Urban Koalas

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The University of Queensland and The San Diego Zoo are working together to protect urban koalas from human development.

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Evaluating Online Information

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Here are some useful guidelines to help you evaluate the quality of information that you find on the Internet.

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Information Literacy

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Not all information is created equally. What are the four steps any information literate person needs to know and practice? Watch this video to find out.

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Hula is a very important part of Hawaiian culture. Hula dancing was forced underground in the 60s because of missionaries, but, today, more and more people are learning the art.

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Sophie’s World: Duct Tape Wallet

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Learn just how easy it is to make a long lasting, duct tape wallet.

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Touring the Ocean Bottom

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What does the ocean floor look like? Take a virtual tour when you watch this short video. There isn’t any sound, but you can read the captions for lots of interesting facts.

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Origins of Oceans

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This video will blow your mind! Did you know that the ocean is 4 billion years old and that half of it came from outer space? Neither did I!

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Paul Gauguin: World Traveler

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From Denmark to Brittany to the Caribbean and back. Paul Gauguin found much of his inspiration through travel. This short but interesting video discusses where Gauguin traveled and the experiences he had in each place.

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Stolen Gauguin Found

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Have you ever wondered where stolen artwork ends up? Well, in this case, on a kitchen wall in Sicily!

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