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Fun Bat Craft

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Here is a video tutorial on how to make a cute Halloween bat decoration using a toilette paper tube, construction paper and some googly eyes!

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Space School: Neptune

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From Neptune’s discovery to Voyager 2, this informative video covers it all. Topics covered are Neptune’s atmosphere, core and rings as well as a special glimpse at Triton, Neptune’s largest moon.

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Voyager 2 at Neptune

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By the time Voyager 2 reached Neptune, it took 4 hours for the data it sent to reach Earth! In this neat video check out actual images from the mission and learn more about what makes Voyager 2 and Neptune so amazing.

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Top 10 Tech Terms for Teachers

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Technology shapes every aspect of our lives, including how we learn. Take a quick look at some of the new ways people are sharing information today. Terms like meme, MOOC, tethering and augmented reality are covered in this brief but informative video.

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Horrible Histories Pilgrim Rap

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Take a few minutes to watch this fun and educational rap video brought to us by Horrible Histories, an educational television series from Great Britain.

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Plimoth Plantation Virtual Tour

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Come along on this virtual tour of Plimouth Plantation! Pilgrim reenactors give first person narratives about life on the plantation. Learn about the tools they used to settle and build their homes, what they grew in their gardens and see the inside of their homes.

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Cornell Notes

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This helpful video gives a brief overview of the Cornell note taking system. It covers the five R’s (record, reduce, recite, reflect and review) and gives a quick example at the end. Get the most out of your notes!

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Visual Note-Taking

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Notes can be more than words. Images like graphs, charts and illustrations can help you organize information and make a connection between what is said and what it looks like. This helps you to better understand and remember what you are learning.

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Take Great Notes

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Note taking is a great way to get more out of your time in class. Follow three easy steps to help you understand and learn ideas in the classroom. Using colors, writing main points and a quick review of your notes after class will help you tremendously!

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Fab Labs

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Imagine if you had the tools to build almost anything you wanted. Access to laser cutters, computers and 3D printers will have revolutionary effects on communities world wide. What will you make?

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