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File Folder Games

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File folder games are a great way to teach basic concepts in a fun and portable way. See what they are all about or get some ideas for your next file folder game when you watch this video.

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The Hour of Code

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The Hour of Code is here! If you spend just one hour, you too can create a computer program. Have you done an Hour of Code yet? Join millions of others for The Hour of Code.

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The Napoleon Report with Bob Hale

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Horrible Histories brings us another entertaining history snippet highlighting the accomplishments of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Greatest Heroes in History: Napoleon

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This great biographical documentary covers a lot of information in under 25 minutes. From his time in Egypt to his coronation as Emperor of France and his eventual exiles; this is Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Hanukkah with Todd and God

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While cleaning his hanukkiah, Todd discovers a magical friend who teaches him how to light the Hanukkah candles. Always from left to right, Todd.

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Chanukah with Veronica Monica

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Visit 165 B.C.E. with Veronica Monica as she gives an eyewitness account of the story of Chanukah. Her entertaining report starts with the revolt against the Syrian King and ends with the miracle of the oil.

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The History of Cubism

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Don’t blink or you will miss something important! This quick but informative clip traces Cubism from the influences of Paul Cézanne and native art, defining the difference between analytic and synthetic cubism along the way.

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Picasso and Braque: Inventing Cubism

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In this interesting video, curator Michael Taylor breaks down works by Picasso and Braque, discussing techniques and symbolism within each one.

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Her Star Still Shines

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Filled with pictures, video, quotes and sound clips, this commemorative video of the 125th anniversary of the birth of Eleanor Roosevelt captures the strength, courage and power of this influential woman.

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The Revolutions of 1989

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The dramatic fall of communism across Eastern Europe cannot be traced to one event, one decision, or one person. Get a brief overview of the landmark events from Lech Walesa in Poland to the execution of Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu in this informative video.

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