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What is a Fab Lab?

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Imagine a place where you can turn your ideas and concepts for new products and prototypes into reality. The next step in manufacturing will make everyone the designers, producers and consumers of their own products and fab labs will help make it happen.

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Public Libraries, Fab Labs and the Future

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What does technology like 3D printers and the internet mean for the future? There are some big ideas and big possibilities so here is a brief look at some of them and how public libraries can play an important role in their development.

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Paul McCartney Interview

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A young Paul McCartney is interviewed by David Frost on May 18, 1964. Paul answers questions about his music, the future and being one of The Beatles.

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Paul McCartney Teaches Bass

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Paul McCartney teaches us how to play the baseline from one of his songs in this quick excerpt. It is designed for people who already know how to play the bass, but it is still fun to watch Paul jam for those of us who don’t.

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Can You Go the Speed of Light?

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This video asks: Is there a universal speed limit? Take a fun and interesting journey as we explore the possibilities and dilemmas of traveling at the speed of light!

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Einstein’s Imagination

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Einstein used his imagination to formulate his Special Theory of Relativity which describes space, time and light.

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Einstein’s Relativity In Everyday Life

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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a nifty result of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, but how else do we experience relativity in everyday life? View this video to learn more about motion, inertia and relativity.

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The Twin Paradox

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Physics in a Minute brings us the twin paradox. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, see how two twins can age at different rates.

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Berlin Wall Erected

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Did you ever wonder how a city could be cut in two? Filled with great footage from 1961, this video shows the first sections of the wall being laid with brick and mortar. There would be many modifications to the wall over the next 28 years, but this is how it started.

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A GPS Berlin Wall

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Are you planning a trip to Berlin? Since very little of the Berlin wall is still standing, this GPS guided tour is a neat way to see exactly where the wall stood.

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