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Gorilla - Wikipedia
12 Jan 2019 at 3:00am
Gorillas are ground-dwelling, predominantly herbivorous apes that inhabit the forests of central Sub-Saharan Africa.The genus Gorilla is divided into two species: the eastern gorillas and the western gorillas (both critically endangered), and either four or five subspecies.They are the largest living primates.The DNA of gorillas is highly similar to that of humans, from 95 to 99% depending on ...

Gorilla Facts - Live Science
30 Sep 2014 at 7:23pm
Gorillas are large apes that are native to Africa. They are typically divided into two groups. The mountain gorilla lives in the mountainous regions of central Africa, while the lowland gorilla ...

Basic Facts About Gorillas | Defenders of Wildlife
12 Jan 2019 at 1:13am
Closely linked by DNA, gorillas (family Hominidae) are one of the four species of great apes that are the closest living relatives of humans ? the other three are chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans.Great apes are different from monkeys for a variety of reasons: they are larger, walk upright for a longer period of time, don?t have tails and have much larger, more developed brains.

Gorilla | Species | WWF - Endangered Species Conservation
9 Jan 2019 at 1:52am
Protecting Gorilla Habitat Helps Humans. In Central Africa, humans depend on the same environment as gorillas for their food, water, medicine and other forest products.

Mountain Gorilla | National Geographic
10 Sep 2010 at 12:59pm
These gorillas live on the green, volcanic slopes of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo?areas that have seen much human violence from which the gorillas have not escaped unscathed.

Gorilla | Definition of Gorilla by Merriam-Webster
10 Jan 2019 at 11:34pm
Recent Examples on the Web. Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy are pure comedy gold, but the film?s conclusion takes place on a train on New Year?s Eve, involving some additional mistaken identities, and one angry gorilla. ? Vogue, "The Best New Year?s Eve?Theme Movies and TV Shows to Watch Tonight," 31 Dec. 2018 Powell also points to a lack of good data on great apes, like gorillas and ...

13 amazing gorilla facts - Discover Wildlife
24 May 2017 at 3:47pm
Gorillas are the world?s largest primates, with males weighing around 143-169kg and standing about 1.4-1.8m tall in the wild.Females tend to be 20-30cm shorter and weigh roughly half what the males do. A male gorilla?s armspan is enormous, stretching 2.3-2.6m, while female gorilla?s armspans are proportionally smaller.

Gorilla | San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants
11 Jan 2019 at 8:26pm
Gorillas have no natural enemies or predators, yet these peaceful creatures are at critical risk because of humans. People hunt gorillas for food called bushmeat, and logging and mining companies destroy gorilla habitat.

Gorillas 2 - Play Gorillas 2 on Crazy Games
12 Jan 2019 at 4:15pm
Gorillas 2 is an epic platform physics game that takes inspiration from the original classic Gorillas. In this game, you must take control of your very own Gorilla and attempt to blow up the enemy gorilla using your deadly bananas!

Qbasic - Gorillas | ClassicReload.com
12 Jan 2019 at 1:34am
Gorillas is a video game first distributed with MS-DOS 5 and published at 1991 by IBM corporation. It is a turn-based artillery game. The game consists of two gorillas throwing explosive bananas at each other above a city skyline.

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