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Heart - Wikipedia
17 May 2017 at 6:52am
The human heart is situated in the middle mediastinum, at the level of thoracic vertebrae T5-T8. A double-membraned sac called the pericardium surrounds the heart and ...

The Heart (Human Anatomy): Diagram, Definition, Location ...
13 Mar 2017 at 6:53pm
WebMD's Heart Anatomy Page provides a detailed image of the heart and provides information on heart conditions, tests, and treatments.

The Human Heart - How Your Heart Works | HowStuffWorks
19 May 2017 at 9:44pm
The Human Heart - The human heart is a hollow, cone-shaped muscle located between the lungs and behind the sternum (breastbone. Learn about the human heart structure.

Human Heart: Anatomy, Function & Facts - Live Science
21 Mar 2016 at 8:06pm
The human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide ...

Five Amazing Facts About the Human Heart - WebMD
1 Jul 2009 at 6:59pm
Do you know much your heart weighs? How often your heart beats? Read on to learn little-known ? but truly amazing ? facts about the human heart.

Human Heart ? Diagram and Anatomy of the Heart
19 May 2017 at 2:13pm
The heart is a muscular organ about the size of a closed fist that functions as the body?s circulatory pump. It takes in deoxygenated blood through the veins and ...

Human Heart - Heart Home Page
14 May 2017 at 1:50pm
The human heart is a hollow, muscular, fist-sized organ that pumps blood through a network of blood vessels. This eMedTV segment takes an in-depth look at the ...

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor's Quest to Understand ...
19 May 2017 at 2:56pm
Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor's Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease [Dr. Thomas Cowan MD] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on ...

Human Heart - The Franklin Institute
18 May 2017 at 11:54pm
Learn more about our resources on the human heart, which have been curated by our very own in-house staff of scientists at The Franklin Institute.

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