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American Sign Language - Official Site
17 Mar 2019 at 10:41am
American Sign Language This sign language website is intended to be a free place to learn signing. The main topics for this site are: Sign language classes, the history of American Sign Language, ASL phrases, American Sign Language letters (fingerspelling), American Sign Language for babies, and a sign language chart.

Sign language - Wikipedia
17 Mar 2019 at 7:38pm
Sign languages (also known as signed languages) are languages that use the visual-manual modality to convey meaning. Language is expressed via the manual signstream in combination with non-manual elements.Sign languages are full-fledged natural languages with their own grammar and lexicon. This means that sign languages are not universal and they are not mutually intelligible, although there ...

Handspeak - Official Site
19 Mar 2019 at 1:13am
Sign language resources and extracurricular ASL (American Sign Language) materials for language+culture enthusiasts, ASL students and learners, instructors and teachers, interpreters, homeschoolers, parents and professionals for practice or self-study.

American Sign Language | NIDCD
18 Mar 2019 at 12:06pm
American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, complex language that employs signs made by moving the hands combined with facial expressions and postures of the body. It is the primary language of many North Americans who are deaf and is one of several communication options used by people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

American Sign Language (ASL) Dictionary
17 Mar 2019 at 2:13am
ASL on this site is from authentic culturally Deaf people and codas who speak ASL and other signed languages as their first language. This site creator is an ASL instructor and native signer who expresses love and passion for our sign language and culture

Signing Savvy - Official Site
19 Mar 2019 at 1:59pm
Signing Savvy is a sign language dictionary containing several thousand high resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs used within the United States and Canada. And Much More! Signing Savvy is an ideal resource to use while you learn sign language.

How to Learn American Sign Language (with Pictures ...
24 Jun 2016 at 11:56pm
American Sign Language is one of the most beautiful yet misunderstood languages in the world. Approach learning it with the same respect and expectations you would if you were learning any foreign spoken language.

Sign language | communications | Britannica.com
19 Mar 2019 at 3:36am
Sign language: Sign language, any means of communication through bodily movements, especially of the hands and arms, used when spoken communication is impossible or not desirable. ... it is the fourth most common language in the United States. National sign languages such as ASL have more in common with one another than with the spoken ...

Learn Sign Language with the Learn & Master Course
18 Mar 2019 at 1:00am
Learn & Master Sign Language is a comprehensive course to learn all about the art of this beautiful and expressive language. In each lesson, you will learn vocabulary, practice signing and reception skills with sentences, questions, dialogues, and narratives.

Sign Language | Definition of Sign Language by Merriam-Webster
4 Feb 2019 at 11:54pm
Sign language definition is - a formal language employing a system of hand gestures for communication (as by the deaf). a formal language employing a system of hand gestures for communication (as by the deaf)?

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