Santa Claus Fun

Santa Claus Fun


Yuletide Decorations

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Merry up your Christmas with some of these fancy coloring pages! You can spend hours and hours printing and coloring, coloring and printing. In fact, you may color yourself right on through Christmas and not even notice. That is the danger of having too much coloring fun. The danger no one ever talks about. Click […]

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Star Topped Stocking

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Follow this bright star to the stocking below. What wondrous things are there to behold buried deep inside the soft fabric folds of this chamber of mysteries? It’s probably just underwear. But maybe it’s underwear dipped in gold and when you rub them, a genie pops out! You never know… Click on the thumbnail to […]

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Stocking, Stocking

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These two stockings look identical. Do you think that they belong to identical twins and are filled with identical gifts? Dream up a story about these two stockings and who they might belong to as you color this free printable coloring page. Click on the thumbnail to open the coloring page in a new window.

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Santa’s Little Stocking

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Happy Holidays everyone! Here is a little gift we think you will like. It is a festive coloring page that you can print out. There are tons of great Christmas themed coloring pages to keep you busy all winter long. So give yourself the gift of coloring this year. Click on the thumbnail to open […]

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Fido’s Stocking

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How many puppies out there are lucky enough to get their own stocking at Christmas? My puppy is so lucky that they get a stocking everyday of the year. It may be empty most days, but it is still there. And that’s what counts, the thought. Merry Christmas! Click on the thumbnail to open the […]

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Stocking Full of Gifts

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Get excited about Christmas with this smashing coloring page. It is free to print out and color, plus it is a great way to get geared up for Christmas. Use your completed coloring pages to decorate the refrigerator or your room or any other place in the house in need of something festive. Click on […]

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Happy Christmas Stars

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Here is a fantastic coloring page featuring two of the happiest little stars I have ever seen! They are mesmerized by the stocking that is overflowing with gifts for the Christmas season. Join in their excitement as you print out and color this free activity. Click on the thumbnail to open the coloring page in […]

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Stocking Ice Skate

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Go ice skating with Frosty the Snowman when you print out this super coloring page. Whether you are outside playing in the snow or inside coloring your favorite pictures, winter is a great season. So get into the spirit with these and many other great coloring pages, free to print out. Click on the thumbnail […]

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Bells, Holly, and Stocking

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Jazz up your home with some hand colored decorations. This festive little coloring page is free to print out and color. Pick your favorite colors to make it your very own special decoration. It will be a wonderful way to brighten your holidays. Click on the thumbnail to open the coloring page in a new […]

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Snowman and Stocking Coloring Sheet

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This Christmas stocking has an extra cute surprise inside…a happy little snowman. His tiny hat and sweet smile are sure to add some cheer to your home this holiday season. Just print out this PDF and color this page to bring him to life! Click on the thumbnail to open the coloring page in a […]

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