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Make Play Dough


Merged from our standalone site Make Play Dough, this is now a Surfnetkids repository for all things crafty!

Tracy Beaker Cake


You will need: a sponge cake, a cocktail stick, cake frosting, red food colouring, black food colouring, liquorice laces, black icing 1. Use a cocktail stick to mark out the shape of Tracy’s face. Don’t worry about being to neat this is just a guide for the next step. 2. Add a few drops of […]

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Christmas Snow

AllFreeChristmasCrafts.com is a website dedicated to the best free Christmas crafts, tutorials, tips and articles on Christmas. AllFreeChristmasCrafts finds and delivers the best Christmas crafts from all over the web, from Christmas ornament crafts to Christmas craft for kids. Find everything you need for DIY Christmas decorations and DIY Christmas gifts right here. AllFreeChristmasCrafts wants […]

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Apple Wreath and Apple Garland

Basket of Apples

The aromas of apple pie are an irresistible smell to most. This can easily be created in your own home. Simply by making cinnamon scented apple crafts for this fall year. You can create and apple wreath, an apple garland, or an apple stacker. Not only will give you the smell of apple pie but […]

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Decorate with Apples for Fall


Decorating your house for the fall season has a variety of options. However since the autumn season is the season for apples, many people try to decorate with apples. Since crafting has grown in popularity over the past couple of years through the economies struggle, there are many different crafts your can do yourself to […]

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More Apple Crafts for Fall

Apple with Wick

Not only is crafting gaining popularity with the economy in a recession. But crafting can also be a fun spare time activity as well as a creative decoration option. Instead of purchasing homemade crafts you can create your own. Autumn season is the best time for apples, and to begin doing apple crafts. Do you […]

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Apple Crafts for Fall

Red Apple

The best season for apples is in the fall. You can do many apple crafts with your kids during this season. Not only are kids told the story of Johnny apple seed, but they become knowledgeable of the fruit itself. There are many crafts you can do with apples. Here is an example of two […]

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How to Paint Gourds


Painting gourds has become a popular craft for kids and adults to participate in. You can decorate a gourd for Halloween or you can turn it into a masterpiece. Your imagination is the your only limit. If you do not feel that you can create a master piece you’re incorrect. Painting gourds is a simple […]

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Wood Sign

Piece of wood, paint, and woodshop tools(hammer,paintbrush,screws,wire,sand paper or sander, and if wanted gloss Take a piece of wood and sand its edges and sides so there are no sharp points. Paint a word on it like (welcome,go away,etc.) let paint dry, take a screw or nail and screw it to the top, wrap rope […]

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**Make Washable Outside Paint**

Little Boy Sidewalk Chalk

Water Chalk A place to put it such as…. Sidewalk Face GET SOME WATER IN A CUP AND DIP THE CHALK JUST ONE PIECE IN WATER NOW WAIT UNTIL IT FIZZES AND THEN RUB IT ON THE PLACE YOU HAVE CHOOSE From Samantha, age 11, Ohio not telling my city

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Paper Bags

scissors ruler a quarter of a cardboard in any color glue ribbons decorations: ex: googly eyes,ribbons,play dough… a little piece of card board hole puncher 1) fold the cardboard in half. 2) fold both sides twice about 1 inch each fold.Then unfold it once and glue the first one you folded. 3) push the middle […]

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Fairy House

a space in a garden or yard stix grass leaves gravel rox ect. put the stix in the ground and put the lraves grass ect. on the ground in the shape or out side to make it look like a house for a little person. GET CREATIVE From samanth , age 5, nuga beees wax

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you will need a crayon box and some regular Elmers glue and pour on the crayon box and let it dry and if done drying peel off the crayon box and there you have a book mark without mess! but u have to peel of the box for a crayon box elmers glue crayon box […]

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Dream Star

One Medium sized Star Magazine Scissors Glue First find a medium size star to trace. Next Find a magazine that has the things you like…like food, a favorite basketball player etc. Once you find a couple things you like cut them out, then glue them on the star From Mike, age 14, Montana

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milk carton wallets!

1.scissors2.milk carton template (google it and print it)3.a milk or orange juice 0.5 galon (with a screw cap!) 1. wash out a milk or oj carton (0.5 gallon)2.cut the carton until it is fully laid out and flat 9with the top part!! not the bottom triangles)3.cut the shape of the template4.mark the lines and fold […]

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Kool Aid Playdough Recipe

* 1 cup water * 3 teaspoons of Cream of Tartar * 1 cup of flour * 1 package of Kool-Aid Mix (non-sugar) * 1 tablespoon of cooking oil * a half cup of salt * food coloring by your choice 1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a medium sized pan2. Add the water […]

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Duct Tape Wallet

This has been a standard item for many kids to make. It’s easy and it can easily be used, making it a great craft for boys and girls. To create a wallet that can be used to hold more than money, you can create one that is made of fabric in addition to duct tape. […]

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