Carnival Shark

You are a hungry shark who will eat everything in your way as you attempt to reach the carnival. Stay airborne as long as possible by munching on everything in sight. Press space to launch your shark into the air. You must keep your shark in the air to reach the end. Eating various objects will give a boost to keep you going. Press the left and right arrows to rotate your shark. Press the up arrow to jump your shark higher in the air to reach a flying object or to save yourself from falling into the water. Press the down arrow to make your shark dive quickly downwards to eat an object below you. Be careful, because if you miss, your shark could fall into the water and end your game! You may only jump or dive once until you eat another object, so make sure you don’t miss your target! Every object you eat without hitting the water will increase your combo, giving you extra points. Have a super time playing Carnival Shark!

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