Flood Control

The town dam is about to burst and you must hurry to get the pipes ready! Make a path for the water as fast as you can. Use the reservoir to slow the water down. Try not to change the pieces once you have placed them because this will take extra time. Hurry!

Flood Control Instructions:The town dam is about to burst, and your job is to save everyone. You must connect the ditches so that the water will not wash away the town. For the first few levels, you only need to delay the water for a little while, as indicated by the points needed display in the lower left corner. However, you will eventually need to make sure that you get the water into the bottomless pit so the town will survive. Try not to destroy the buildings already present, as doing so will slow you down. You can replace one type of ditch with another, but this will also slow you down. As you progress through the levels, the dam will break sooner, and the water will move faster. You can get the water to temporarily slow down by passing it through a reservoir.

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