Glacier Word Search Glossary

  • ablation: loss of ice from a glacier caused by melting or vaporization

  • accumulation: any process by which a glacier gains mass; usually by snowfall but also by avalanching, wind-drifted snow, etc.

  • advance: when a mountain glacier's lowest end extends farther down-valley than before

  • calving: process of ice breaking off and falling at a glacier's end

  • crevasse: an open fissure in the glacier surface

  • firn: rounded, well-packed snow that is older than one year

  • glacier: a large flowing ice mass

  • ice sheet: a dome-shaped mass of glacier ice that covers surrounding terrain and is greater than 50,000 square kilometers

  • retreat: when the position of a mountain glacier's lowest end is farther up-valley than before

  • snow: A collection of loosely bonded ice crystals deposited from the atmosphere.

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