Hip Hop

How are your Hip Hop moves? Do you have swagger? Find out with this funky hip hop game. The object of this game is to change the color of every platform. Watch out for the enemies and the other bad dudes. Have fun!

HipHop Instructions:Your goal is to clear each level by changing the color of every platform on the screen. You do this simply by jumping on each one. It is safe to hit any green enemies, which will remove them from the board. However, avoid enemies of any other color and don’t jump off the board or you will lose a life. Jump on the spinning records to return to the top of the board and clear all enemies. Control your hiphopper by using the arrow keys (down=down/left, right=down/right, up=up/right, left=up/left), by using 1,3,7,and 9 on the numeric pad, or by clicking (with the mouse) on the platorm that you want to jump to.

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