Christmas Printable Crossword

Oh my! Only five of the clues to this Printable Christmas Crossword were completed before a mischievous elf took over. He made the remaining clue ANAGRAMS of the Christmas word answers. Can you solve this mixed up Christmas Crossword?


2. Class ‘A’ tuna (2 words)
6. Cuter crank
8. Sick tongs
10. The kind of Christmas that I’m dreaming of…
14. Stir chasm
15. What we’ll deck the halls with…
16. Traditional Christmas drink
18. Santa’s aides
19. Serpents
20. The war


1. His birthday is December 25
3. Mitt searchers (2 words)
4. Big gardener
5. Corals
7. Dire erne
9. Taint ivy
11. Tote limes
12. Tenth cuss
13. Sore cog
17. Three words that describe him are stink, stank, stunk!

Interactive Version of this Game

Christmas Crossword Answer Key

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