Rocks Printable Crossword

Find the rock and mineral vocabulary words in this printable crossword puzzle.i


1. Yellow sapphire or yellow quartz gem
4. Molten rock that issues from volcanoes
5. Very hard and very precious stone made of crystalline carbon
7. Lustrous gem found within the shells of some molluscs
8. Ornament of precious metal often set with stones and worn as an accessory
10. Rich green gemstone – May’s birthstone
11. Small plane surface on a cut gem
12. Transparent deep blue gem
15. Deep yellowish green transparent gem (anagram of ‘diopter’)
18. (A metamorphic rock (anagram of ‘singes’)
20. Gem carved in relief
21. January’s birthstone (anagram of ‘argent’)
22. Outer part of our planet, composed essentially of crystalline rocks, shares its name with the part of toast eaten least
23. This stone, much sought by ancient alchemists, was believed to turn base metals into gold
25. Study of the history of the earth as recorded in its rocks


2. Transparent blue, blue-green, or green beryl; March’s birthstone
3. Art of cutting gems
4. Rock chiefly formed from organic remains (shells, coral)
6. June’s birthstone, named for a Russian Emperor
9. Small rounded stone worn down by the action of water
13. Carving or inscription on rock
14. Fibrous mineral that was used for insulation, but which is now removed from buildings as it causes some forms of cancer
15. Method of searching for gold
16. Famous stone that allowed historians to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics
17. Purple or bluish violet quartz used as a jeweler’s stone
19. Very hard igneous rock used for making buildings and monuments (anagram of ‘tearing’)
24. Precious stone made or red corundum; July’s birthstone and an anagram of ‘bury)

Interactive Version of this Game

Rocks Interactive Crossword Answer Key

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