Skyscrapers is a challenging little puzzle game that is sure to please. Solve each puzzle by putting the right skyscraper in each slot.

Skyscrapers Instructions:Fill the city with buildings until all the margin totals are correct. Each margin total equals the number of buildings that you would be able to see if you stood where the margin total is and looked across to the other side of the city. The number of stories is indicated on top of each building. Buildings are hidden by buildings of the same or greater number of stories. Parks (found in higher levels) are not counted in margin totals but do not hide buildings either. The game keeps track of your personal best time for each level.Controls: Drag to move or remove a building. Shift-drag to copy a building that has already been placed in the city. Click to add a story, or Shift-click to subtract a story.Use the buttons in the control panel to clear the board, restart or change levels.

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