My Ideas for Creating Halloween Art

Every October, as fallen leaves carpet the ground with brilliant shades of brown, yellow, red and orange, I enjoy the variety of strange and spooky images that start to appear. Ghosts and ghouls hang from trees, carved pumpkins and gnarled broomsticks appear on doorsteps, spiders weave webs across windows and gravestones turn up on my front lawns and my neighbors.

Halloween art sets the stage for the scariest holiday of the year. Well before October 31 rolls around, I want to get busy creating the seasonal decorations that will set the tone for the entire month.

The most common images in Halloween art include:

  • ghosts and haunted houses
  • witches, broomsticks and cauldrons
  • pumpkins and jack o’lanterns
  • spiders and cobwebs
  • monsters
  • werewolves
  • vampires and bats
  • skulls and skeletons
  • gravestones

I like the fact that both adults and children alike enjoy creating Halloween arts and crafts that bring these strange and macabre images to life. Here are some hands-on ideas for Halloween arts and crafts that I enjoy:

  • Color in Halloween images with markers, crayons, paint, or even digitally using my computer
  • Cut outlines of spiders, bats, and witches hats out of black paper
  • Cut out body parts from magazines and paste them on thick paper to make my own monsters
  • Create my own gravestone using black marker on grey paper
  • Draw a pair of eyes and a wide, smiling mouth full of teeth on a pumpkin, and carve it out to create a jack o’lantern

To get in the holiday spirit, I hang 2D Halloween arts and crafts in my front windows and on my front door. I place my 3D Halloween art projects on my doorstep or front lawn if there is room.

The most exciting form of Halloween art is the costume! I think that whether you are a 7 years old or 77 years old, on October 31, I enjoy transforming myself into someone (or something) else. My imagination has free reign, where I change my appearance however by wearing a costume, a wig, and make-up. Whether I am the one trick or treating or the one answering the door with a bowl of candy, Halloween is a holiday full of surprises, where nothing is quite what it seems.

About the author, Mark Feldman a parent of 2 lovely daughters and is President of SegTech, a company devoted to a wonderful Image Segmentation technology called Segmation,The Art of Pieceful Imaging at

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