Bat Box

Keep in mind that you can do the bat from paper or foam. The directions show you how to do it with paper but foam will work just as well. When selecting your bat template just be sure to choose a bat that will match the size of your box.

What you will need:

•small empty box (a Kleenex or shoe box works)
•construction paper

•Optional: thin cardboard (empty cereal boxes work well)
&bull:Optional: large wiggly eyes

Directions for the project-Print out the template of choice and color it as appropriate. Wrap the empty box up with construction paper (or gift wrap) in an appropriate color (black or orange would work) or you could paint it with acrylic or poster paint. Cut a slit in the top of the box large enough to fit typical Halloween treats (small chocolate bars, suckers, etc) in the top. You could also just cut the entire top off the box or use a no-top box like a shoe box. For added stability you can glue the template to pieces of thin cardboard and let dry. Cut out the template pieces. Cut out a large pumpkin to go on the front of the box. Print the child’s name on the large pumpkin. Glue the pumpkin onto the front of the box. Glue the bat'”hands” to the front of the box, overlapping the pumpkin slightly. When the box is finished you will want it to look like the bat is holding the pumpkin. Glue the bat’body to the back of the box so that the head, body and wings appear just over the backside of the box. You now have a fun decorated Halloween treat box.

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