Paper Jack O’ Lantern

The following are two simple Halloween crafts that are fun for kids and adults, and that get everyone in the spooky, fun, mood for Halloween:

Paper Jack-O-Lantern:

Paper Jack-O-Lanterns are a fast, easy and relatively mess free way to let your child experience the fun of making a Jack-O-Lantern without the pumpkin, knife, and mess of pumpkin innards.

You will need:

    • Paper plates.


  • Yellow construction paper



  • Green construction paper



  • Orange paint



  • Sponge paint brush



  • Tape or glue



To make you are going to do the following:

1. Flip the plate over so the eating surface is face down.
2. Paint the back of the plate orange. An adult may want to help do this as it will not work well if too thick or too wet of a coat is put on. A fast, coat will dry better and not warp the paper of the plate.
3. Let the plate dry.
4. Use the green construction paper to cut out a top to your pumpkin.
5. Use the yellow construction paper to make eyes, nose, and mouth for your Jack-O-Lantern. You can make it as scary, or as friendly as you want.
6. Use tape or glue to secure the pumpkin stem and the Jack-o-Lantern face on the plate.
7. Hang on a wall as a fun Halloween decoration.

Black tin cat: This is a cute Halloween craft that works great for holding pens and pencils, or for holding treats.

You will need:

    • A tin can


  • Black spray paint



  • Black construction paper



  • Hot glue



  • Felt in yellow, black, and pink



  • White pipe cleaners.



To make, do the following:

Start by painting your can black. An adult will want to do this, or you can forego the spray paint and use an acrylic paint and let the kids do it while being supervised.

Step two is to cut some cat ears out of your black construction paper. If you want your cat to be more durable, use felt instead of paper.

Step three: Secure the ears to the inner rim of the can using hot glue. Once again an adult should help with this part.

Step four: Cut out cat shaped eyes from the yellow felt, and black slits for the center of the eye with black felt. For an even more realistic look, consider cutting out some black to rim the top of the eye as well. Glue these pieces together to create the whole eye, make two of them.

Step five: Glue the eyes on the can, under where you glued the ears, and close enough together to resemble cat eyes.

Step six: Cut a cat nose shape from the pink felt.

Step seven: Secure the nose on the can.

Step eight: Cut your while pipe cleaners to the length you want for whiskers. Use three for each side of the nose, or 6 total.

Step nine: Secure the whiskers on the can with hot glue.

Step ten: Use!

For a little more oomph, consider using leftover black felt to fashion a tale you can wrap around the bottom of the can!

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