So You Think You Can Be A Witch?

Pretty ten years girl in a witch costume smiling at camera. Pink

If you are going to be a witch for Halloween, you will need to do Halloween witch makeup, the following are a few tips for applying said makeup:

Tip 1: Clean your face, tone it, and moisturize it before you ever put your makeup on. It is going to be healthier for your skin this way, however, in addition to that, it will help it stay longer, as your face will be less oily, and thus your makeup will stick longer.

Tip 2: Because people touch their face, your makeup is sure to smear unless you do something to prep your skin for it, so that it doesn’t happen. So, apply a primer to your skin before putting on your Halloween witch makeup.

Tip 3: When putting on your Halloween witch makeup, start with a light foundational layer. Then, get a darker look by adding a second coat, once the first one dries. This does a few things, it helps it last longer, and it helps give it a more realistic appearance.

Tip 4: For a witch costume, you will want to have dark eyes and shadow. So, use a black liner, and use purples and grays for applying to the lids. Be sure to finish it off with a nice dark mascara.

Tip 5: Your lips matter, a witch has to have a sinister sneer, so make sure your lipstick lasts by using a liner, and a long lasting style. Line your lips with a darker color and fill in with a matching lip stick. Blacks and reds tend to be the most popular for the witch look.

Tip 5: Part of helping your witch makeup really stand out is to use “extras” to enhance the effect. For example, if you are going for a sexy, or cute witch, a little glitter on the edge of your eyes can go a long way. If you want to go for the evil old witch, a wart with a few hairs sticking out of it, or a mole will do a lot.

Tip 6: Unless you want to be a big mess when all is said and done, it is smartest to pull your hair back while you apply your makeup, and leave it back until the makeup has had a chance to dry completely.

Tip 7: If you are trying to pull of the witch look with makeup, go with the recognizable witch stuff, for example, paint your face green. You can do this by adding green food coloring to your existing makeup, or by making your own, or purchasing green face paint or creams.

Tip 8: Don’t forget about other exposed skin. Painting your face green is great, but not if your neck is going to show, so paint that too. Also, be sure to age your hands, and make them look evil, paint your fingernails black, file them into points, add age spots to your hands with makeup, etc. Halloween makeup goes beyond the face.

Tip 9: Get more defined features by adding a bit of black eyeliner first, then blending it into the green face paint, as it will define the area.

Tip 10: Use a cold cream to help remove makeup, water, or a mild soap.

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