Tips For Pet Safety On Halloween

When it comes to pets and holidays most people tend to worry more about the Fourth of July and New Year’because of all of the loud noises that can easily scare their pets. But the truth of the matter is that you should give just as much thought to your pet’safety on other holidays, including Halloween. You just never know what can be lurking out there that can be dangerous to your pet. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to be sure that your pet is safe during Halloween.

Here are some tips for Halloween pet safety.

Tip one:

Make sure that you keep all cords and wires from electric lights and other decorations out of your pet’reach. If your pets chew these up they can get shocked from the electrical current, which could end up being life threatening. But this can also damage their mouths from any shards of glass or plastic that they chew. Keep in mind that adult animals as well as young animals will chew, and even if your pet has never been a chewer before, you never know if they are going to start; it’better to be safe than sorry.

Tip two:

One thing that you should do is to keep all popular Halloween plants, such as pumpkins and decorative corn away from all pet’reach. While these plants are actually considered nontoxic, they can still produce stomach upset if your pets digest them. And if they ingest a large piece they can actually cause intestinal blockage. So rather then run the risk of an upset stomach or eating problems later on, you should just keep these kinds of decorations out of reach. Also, lit candles inside of carved pumpkins create a fire hazard when pets are around; you should never leave a candle lit inside a pumpkin while you are away from home. These too should always be kept up out of your pet’reach.

Tip three:

Probably the most important thing that you can do, aside from keeping your pet indoors on Halloween, is to be sure that your pet has their tags on. With how many times you open and close the door to give out candy you are increasing the chance that your pet will dart outside and get lost. By making sure that your pet has its tags or a microchip, you are increasing the chances that it will be returned to you once it is found.

Tip four:

Another thing that you need to know about Halloween is that chocolate can be toxic to animals; in some cases, animals have been known to die from eating chocolate. So after the last trick-or-treater has come to your door be sure to put all of the candy up out of your pet’reach, and remember, pets can jump up onto counters and other places, so it is best to keep the candy put away in a cupboard. Also keep close eyes on your pet when you have the candy bowl sitting out.

Tip five:

If your pet is not good with strangers then your best bet is to put them into a room where they are away from the door and won’t get stressed out over strangers approaching. Pets are not used to seeing people dressed up in elaborate costumes so Halloween can be an extremely stressful and frightful time for your pets. By keeping them away from the door you are actually doing them a favor.

Just remember that if you take certain precautions you can keep your pets safe this coming Halloween.

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