Spooky Masks Made By Kids

Scary Mask

Here are some spooky craft ideas for your kids’ Halloween party. Kids of all ages love to get creative. What better way than spending time creating fun Halloween crafts at your kids’ Halloween party to keep all the kids entertained?

These crafts are easy, take minimal supervision and will help the kids stay busy. Start with some of the basics that all age levels from toddlers on up can create, and then move to the more detailed crafts for the older participants.

Awesome Halloween masks

This is a simple project that gets all the kids busy being creative. Here are the supplies you will need:

Paper plates
Yarn or string
Gel pens
Fabric pieces
Fake blood
Odds and end craft goods

Now set up different sections that have a little of each of these supplies and tools. This way the kids will be less likely to fight over sharing objects. Then you are ready to get them started. Let them decorate the masks the way they want them. Make sure to put two holes to see through and a breathing hole. Then you are set. Use a hole-punch to tie the string through. Then let them dry. Once dry, the kids can tie them on and pretend they are ghosts, goblins and princesses.

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