Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Trivia Questions

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas was a hit since day one.   It’s a fun filled film, full of lovable and interesting characters and a unique story line.   Here’s a brief review and the top ten trivia questions from Tim Burton’The Nightmare Before Christmas.

spooky doorBut first, in case you’ve forgotten, let’have a brief review of what the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas is even about! This film focuses on the story of life in Halloween Town, and one Jack Skellington, who happens to be the pumpkin King of Halloween Town.   It all begins when Jack comes across Christmas Town.   Jack is tired of his life in Halloween Town and wants some different tricks and treats to play with.   Christmas Town enflames his imagination and Jack decides to bring this holiday back with him to Halloween Town.   Unfortunately, Santa is kidnapped in the process and Jack’s dreams to fill Santa’s shoes begin to fall apart.

Now here are the top ten coolest, most interesting trivia questions about Tim Burton’the Nightmare Before Christmas.

1.What is hidden on the train in Christmas town, seen as Jack is traipsing around, singing?
A Mickey hidden on the train. The Steam blower puffs out a Mickey shaped cloud but it quickly turns into a rabbit shaped cloud.

2.When Jack is blown out of the sky after impersonating Santa, he lands in a cemetery.   What kind of memorial does he land on?
An angel

3.An excerpt of the theme song of which movie is heard when the search lights are looking for Jack?
Batman (1989)

4.What kind of animation was used for this film?
Stop motion.   The Nightmare Before Christmas was the first film to use stop motion for the entire film.   It was followed by “Corpse Bride” in 2005.   This is a process where the characters are posed, then a photo is taken, then the characters are posed again, and another photo is taken, etc.   This is a very time consuming process.

5.The pumpkin being used during the ice hockey game seen at the end of the film was originally supposed to be what?
Tim Burton’head.

6.Where do the lyrics “tender lumlpings everywhere…” come from?
In the song, This is Halloween, the lyrics “…tender lumplings everywhere…” refers to “Tender Lumplings,” which was a song composed by Danny Elfman when he was with group The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.

7.What are the two toys seen in the movie that refer to the Batman movies?
Two of the toys that Jack delivers refer to the movie Batman Returns, the film Tim Burton was involved with the directing of at the time. One is an evil duck on wheels, which is the vehicle that the villain the “Penguin” drives. The other is an evil cat doll, which has the same head as the mascot for Shreck’s corporation.

8.When did Jack Skellington make his first movie appearance?
Jack makes his first lengthy appearance in the movie Beetle Juice (1988) on top of Beetlejuice’carousel hat towards the end when Beetlejuice rises out of the floor, after being summoned by Lydia. Although this was Jack’s longer appearance, he actually first appeared in Tim Burton’s movie Vincent (1982), in minute 4, although it is a very brief appearance.

9.Who did the original introduction to The Nightmare Before Christmas?
Patrick Stewart did the original introduction for the movie, which can be heard on the film’s soundtrack.

10.What are the two items that were invented to enable the filming of this movie?
1- A “light alarm” which would warn the animators if any of the stage lights failed to come on.
2- A system that allowed a puppeteer to seamlessly switch to a replacement puppet if a puppet broke during a shot.

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