Top Five Family Friendly Movies For Halloween

When it comes to Halloween movies there are many options to choose from. Some Halloween movies are horror flicks that are designed to be gory, violent and downright horrifying. Other Halloween movies aren’t really scary at all. They just poke fun at the really scary movies and make people feel much more jovial about the whole Halloween holiday. Choosing family friendly Halloween movies presents a unique challenge. While some movies may be particularly appealing to kids, others are more geared towards teens or adults.

scary kidIn the following list you will read about our top five picks for family friendly Halloween movies. Depending on your taste and the audience of ages that you are trying to appeal to, you are sure to find at least one of these films is a satisfactory choice for your family friendly Halloween movie night.

1.It’the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

The top pick for a Halloween family friendly movie is “It’the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” This Peanuts classic is still being enjoyed as much by youth today as is was in the 60s when it was first made. Parents can appreciate the nostalgia and quality of this classic film and kids enjoy the movie for its sheer entertainment value. Follow the Peanuts gang as they dress in costume for Halloween while Linus stays behind to wait in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin. You will love this adorable and wholesome tale. They just do not make movies like this one any more.

2.Nightmare Before Christmas

If you are looking for a unique movie that is a little scarier than your average film, check out the “Nightmare Before Christmas.” The characters in this movie are plucked right from all that stereotypically defines Halloween. Everything from ghosts to vampires are represented in this story of what would happen if the holidays clashed. Follow Jack the Pumpkin King and his goblin friends as they try to take over Christmas by kidnapping Santa Clause in this amazing stop-motion film.

3.The Witches

If you are looking for a live action movie for your family, then “Witches” is a great family friendly Halloween movie pick. Angelica Houston plays the Grand High Witch in this film that is based on the book by the same name. Follow a young boy on his quest to stop the witches before they carry out their plans to turn all of the children in London into mice. There are points in this movie that are sure to put shivers in your spine especially when the witches reveal their true appearances and when the witches meet their end.

4.Pooh’Heffalump Halloween Movie

As much as you parents may not want to rent a movie about Pooh, if you have a young family, this movie is just what your kids will love. “Pooh’Heffalump Halloween Movie” follows your favorite characters from the Hundred Acre Wood as they celebrate Halloween and make new friends. This movie can hardly be described as scary so it is the perfect introduction to Halloween for your toddlers. Parents may want to watch a more intense Halloween movie once the little ones have gone to bed.

5.Casper, The Friendly Ghost

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without ghosts, and Casper is arguably the most famous of all the ghosts. This Casper movie has something for children of all ages. Teens will enjoy the story line and teenage star of the film. Younger children have the benefit of watching a film that has a very child-like Casper animated figure interacting with real-life actors. This touching story of friendship and family is sure to get you and your family into a fun-loving Halloween mood.

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