Perfect for parades or playing outside, this patriotic pinwheel is simple to make:

Materials Needed:
• 2 square pieces of construction paper
• Scissors
• Hole punch
• Push-pin
• Un-sharpened pencil with an eraser
• Markers or crayons

1. Place the two pieces of paper together and fold diagonally once, so the papers resemble a triangle, and then again. Unfold the paper.

2. Decorate one side of each sheet of paper to your liking. You can also decorate with stickers or stars for a patriotic effect.

3. Put the undecorated sides together, and then make four cuts along the fold lines of the four corners. The cuts should go about halfway up the paper.

4. Punch four holes in the pinwheel at each corner, being careful not to punch into the cut lines.

5. Gently gather each of the four points with a hole to the center of the paper. Press the push-pin into the four gathered corners, to attach the pinwheel to the pencil’s eraser.