More Mother’s Day Prayers to Honor Mothers Everywhere

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Mother’s Day started by Anne Jarvis is a day historically set aside to honor moms everywhere for all of the things they do for families. When Anne Jarvis first began the tradition, she had her whole church congregation wear white carnations during the service in honor of her mother. Traditionally, mothers are recognized by the church, and they use symbols like the carnation to honor living and dead mothers. Services are dedicated to mothers, and prayers said in their behalf and about them. Because religion was such as central part of the original Mother’s Day, it is a natural part of today’s celebrations and honoring of mothers.

Mother’s Day prayers can be said and used in a number of ways as part of your celebration. For example, they can be included in a card as a devotion to your mother. They can be recited in a church service, or said to yourself. Often, short Mother’s Day dedications and prayers are offered just before a Mother’s Day brunch of meal. A Mother’s Day prayer is a large part of honoring a mother, even a non-religious family can utilize a Mother’s Day prayer in their celebration of mother. Here are a few examples of traditional Mother’s Day prayers:This is a poem or prayer that thanks God for the gift of a mother, and honors a mother for all of the many ways she contributes to her children’s lives:

God’s Gift

My Mother is a special gift,
A special gift
that God gave to me.
I’d be lost and lonely without her,
If God took her away you see.
I love her so very much,
That I couldn’t bear to live without her healing touch.
Thank-you God for giving me such a loving Mother,
For I wouldn’t want to be a part of no other.

This is a prayer of blessing for mothers on the day set aside to honor them, a way to ask God to look after and bless your mother, as she does you:

Mothers Day Prayer

May the blessing of the Divine
Be an especially bright benediction
Upon mothers everywhere
On your blessed day -On Mother’s Day!

This is both a prayer of tribute to mothers, and one asking for a blessing for mothers. It is a classic Mother’s Day prayer written by Susan Kramer:

A blessing and prayer tribute to all mothers

“Blessed be all mothers
Who have come into our lives
Whose kindness, care and loving
Remain with us to guide.

Your inspiration in us
Made us strive in every way
Especially to remember
Helping others makes our day.

Mothers, this little tribute
Flows directly from my heart
You are so loved and cherished
Invaluable, one and all, you are.
-Susan Kramer

Or, if you want a more traditional prayer of gratitude for your mother on Mother’s Day, try out this prayer from the online ministries:

Dear Lord, today I turn to you to give you thanks for my mother. With your own gift of life, she bore me in her womb and gave me life. She tenderly, patiently cared for me and taught me to walk and talk. She read to me and made me laugh. No one delighted in my successes more; no one could comfort me better in my failures. I am so grateful for how she mothered me and mentored me, and even disciplined me.

Please bless her, Lord, and comfort her. Help her loving heart to continue to love and give of herself to others. Strengthen her when she is down and give her hope when she is discouraged.

Most of all, Lord, on this Mother’s Day, give my mother the graces she most needs and desires today. I ask you this, in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior forever and ever.

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