Ideas for Treating Your Mom Extra Special


Mother’s Day is a great day to celebrate and honor moms. However, it can be hard to know what to do and how to celebrate so that your mom feels special. The following are some of the ideas you can use for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is traditionally known as a holiday where you have a brunch. However, meals of any kind are a great part of celebrating the holiday. You can really make your mom feel special by serving her breakfast in bed. You can include a vase with a rose in it, and a card.  You could take your mom out for lunch. Pick a place where your mom really enjoys eating, or make reservations where you know everyone can meet up and enjoy eating. Or, use meal times as a chance to give mom a break, letting her relax while the rest of the family pitches in to prepare and clean up the meals. Make it a family event where mom gets to enjoy spending time with the whole family, without having to lift a finger.

Another idea for Mother’s Day is to prepare some fun Mother’s Day themed activities for the family to do before a meal, or at a gathering to celebrate. A few fun ideas might be going around the room and having each person share a favorite memory about their mom, or a quality they admire in her, or something else good they want to say about her. Mother’s Day was traditionally celebrated in church, and by the church, so reciting scripture, or saying Mother’s Day prayers of gratitude and blessings is also a great part of the day.

When you celebrate Mother’s Day, think of little ways to show your mom gratitude and appreciation. If she is always cleaning the house, you could do it when she is not home. If she is always preparing meals, you could prepare one that she can just sit through and enjoy without ever having to get up. If she is always taking care of everyone else, and never taking care of herself, you could send her off for a day of pampering. The idea is that on Mother’s Day, give back to your mother what she is constantly giving to you. You can do this through words, gestures, activities, or gifts. Just remember to save fighting and drama for another day, and let that day be just about your mom.

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