Mother's Day Fun

mother's day fun


Scriptures That Refer to Mothers

Woman Holding Bible

Mother’s Day was traditionally a holiday celebrated in church, where the mothers in the congregation would wear white carnations. Sharing scriptures about mothers, and using bible verses to express how important your mother is to you is a great activity for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day related scriptures also make great insides to a card, and […]

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Ideas of What to Do With Your Mother’s Day Clip Art

Mother's Day Bees

When celebrating Mother’s Day, clip art can come in very handy. It is a useful tool for celebrating and honoring mom. The question, when you have Mother’s Day clip art, is what to do with it? Here are a few fun uses of Mother’s Day clip art: Clip art games- there are any number of […]

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Mother’s Day Clipart

Mother's Day Hearts

Mother’s Day is a holiday where we celebrate Mothers and honor their contributions and sacrifice to the family. Mother’s Day clip art can be a handy part of celebrating mom and doing crafts and other fun things as part of the celebration. Where to find it? If you are going to use Mother’s Day clip […]

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Homemade Cards for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Love

Nothing shows Mom how special she is like a homemade card. Best of all, homemade cards can be by crafters of all ages and crafting skills. Rather then simply buying a generic Mother’s Day card, you can make one that reflects your Mom and how you feel about her. These homemade cards are easy to […]

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Mother’s Day Scriptures

Baby Holding Father's Finger

Mother’s Day scriptures are an excellent contribution to your Mother’s Day celebration. They often get to the heart of the importance of motherhood, and the importance of honoring mothers, and cherishing them. There are a number of scriptures that refer to mothers, how they ought to be treated, and what happens when you don’t treat […]

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Handprint Poems for Mother’s Day

Little Baby with Handprints

Mothers everywhere cherish the small handprints of their children. Moms are keenly aware of the passage of time that takes their babies and toddlers and leaves them with fully grown children. There are a number of crafts that can help you to make a keepsake featuring the little handprints that mothers love. Whether you are […]

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Cards You Can Make for Mother’s Day


Moms love to get cards for Mother’s Day, and they especially love to get a homemade card. Whether the card has a few scribbles or is a water colored masterpiece, Mom will cherish the time and effort you put into making her Mother’s Day special. Best of all you can make a card that reflects […]

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Quotes You Can Use for Mother’s Day

Mother and Daughter Whispering

There is a lot that has been said about mothers. Their influence, their sacrifice and even their humor, affect our lives in countless ways. All through the ages people have had plenty to say about mothers and what they do. From the famous to that most noted writer Anonymous, there have been plenty of quotes […]

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Mother’s Day Quotes

Heart Inside Book

Mothers are the heart of any home, and from the number of quotes found about them, have inspired many people to speak their mind about them. There are funny, sad, poignant, inspiring and touching quotes about Moms and all they do. If you are looking for a way to impress Mom this Mother’s Day, one […]

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