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"No other newsletter I have ever received has been as personal and so carefully crafted. Thank you, Barbara, for your expertise, your opinions, and your caring so much about education. You are a treasure." Debbie Lurie

"I have been a subscriber for quite some time to your newsletter and I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a great newsletter and keeping the quality so high. Through the years I have subscribed to lots of newsletters but yours and two others are the only ones that I have stayed subscribed to. Thanks again." Billie Speed

"Your email is a joy to receive. The information you provide is always excellent. Thank you for caring and providing great sites for our children's educational appetite." Reta Fowler

"I LOVE your newsletter. It is so clever and worthwhile." Barbara Fritz

"I sure do wish to THANK YOU for your frequent newsletter. I am having a ball keeping up with it." Grampa Dennis Merritt

"The sites you suggest are fun, entertaining, informative, and above all -- kid friendly. Thank you for providing such a great service." Christine Shore-Harrison

"Thank you for providing this valuable resource to teachers and others." Joann Duer

"Thank you a million times." Sandhya Jayetileke

"Thank you for all the stuff that you have sent me." Brooke Kostak

"My kids and I really enjoy reading this email together. We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy this. Thank you." Teri, Rachel & Ryan


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Every week three site recommendations on a single topic. From learning the ABCs to high-school physics, if this week's topic doesn't interest you, there will be something new next week. View previous newsletters.

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