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December 12, 1999

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. Ever have one of those days when all your
carefully planned technology fails you? Today I’m having
one of those days. Glitches along the super information highway
are affecting both my site and email — if you’ve tried to
reach me in the last 24 hours — I think your message is
permanently lost in cyberspace. It’s a beautiful day here in
San Diego. I think I’ll shut the computer off and go out
with my family.

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Medieval castles served as both home and fortress to the monarchs and
nobles that built them. Centuries later, they stand as reminders of an era
long gone. Whether your interest in castles is historic or romantic,
you’re sure to find something to pique your interest in these sites.

Castles @ National


“Greetings traveler. Before you looms a stone castle, built in Britain
during the 1300s. … Castle life endured for centuries until gunpowder
overpowered armor and stone. Now we know castles only as museums or ruins.
But, as you’ll see, castle dwellers still haunt these halls. As you
explore, click on them to learn their secrets. Poke around on your own
too; each room holds surprises.” In addition to the virtual castle tour
for elementary and middle-schoolers (follow Marcus the mouse to move from
room to room), there are two printable maze activities (click on Rescue at
the Castle.)



“You are a Medieval Castle Builder living in Wales in the year 1076. You
are hired by the Norman Baron William de Clare to build him a fantastic
castle in Aberystwyth, Wales. After researching and taking notes on what
daily life in a Welsh castle is like, you will then begin the design of the
Baron’s new castle.” In this middle-school learning activity, you’ll do
your research online before designing and building an offline
three-dimensional medieval castle.

Castles of Britain


“Castles have a timelessness that is awe-inspiring. That they have
endured centuries of warfare and the effects of weather is a testimony to
the creativity and power of their medieval owners. How many of us will have
such long-lasting success?” ponders castle enthusiast Lise Hull. To
explore her site, start with the Castle Learning Center, where you’ll find
dozens of topics to peruse, including Building a Castle, Birdseye Views,
Dungeons, and Life in a Castle. Other memorable sections are Castle of
the Month, Photo Gallery, and Castle Ghosts (an alphabetic listing.)

Castles on the Web


Castles on the Web is a directory of hundreds of castle sites, organized
by subject. Each site listing is annotated and includes a rating (from one
to ten) created by visitors. Castles for Kids, Castle Collections and
Medieval Studies are just a few of the topics covered. In addition to the
site listings, Castles on the Web features a Photo Archive, Castle
Glossary, a discussion board (Castle Quest) and free electronic castle

Kids’ Castles


This site is marvelous fun and my pick of the day. “The home page has an
aerial view of the castle. Clicking on a part of the view takes you to that
part of the castle. You will find out about the people that lived there and
what they did. Sometimes there will also be more information about an
aspect of castle life, a game to play or puzzle to solve, or something YOU
can do to add to the fun of Kids’ Castle.” Enjoy!

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