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Surfing the Net with Kids: Publish Your Poetry Online

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March 25, 2001

Dear Reader,

Welcome back. I haven’t shared a joke from the Surfnetkids
mail bag in awhile, so here’s one from Amy, age 10, from

Q: Why do elephants lie on their backs with their feet in the
A: To trip birds.

You can send us your jokes here.

Today’s Publish Your Poetry Online topic is accompanied by the following games:

Poetry Vocabulary Word Search
Virtual Poetry
The Poem Machine
Publish Your Poetry Online

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Publish Your Poetry Online

Having access to the Internet is like having a printing press in your home, classroom or library. Now your children’s poetic gems do not have to languish on the refrigerator door, they can be published. Family home pages and school Web sites both provide a gallery for children’s work. Additionally, I’ve found these five sites that accept poetry from kids. Let your creativity shine!

Kid Authors


“Kid Authors is a creative place for kids like you. Here you can share your stories and poems with people around the world, including your friends and family. You can also read stories and poems written by kids around the world.” A clean interface, a good search tool, and an easy-to-use submission form make this site first class. Published works are available not only to read, but also to rate on a scale of one (okay) to five (excellent.) Top rated works get a spot on the site’s front page along with the editors’ top choices.

Poetry Pals


Poetry Pals is an online project for K-12 classrooms. Sorry, Poetry Pals does not accept poems from individual students. Poems must be edited carefully before submission, and be appropriate for an audience as young as five years old. Teachers can submit only one poem per student per year. And unless you agree to become a (free) Poetry Pal Partner and add the Poetry Pal logo graphic to your school Web site, your school will be limited to a maximum of thirty-five submissions per year.

Poetry Writing with Jack Prelutsky

***** presents Jack Prelutsky, author of many poetry collections for kids, including “It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles” and “The New Kid on the Block.” “Poetry’s cool — and a lot of fun! In this workshop, I will help you turn your words and ideas into descriptive and powerful poems. As you explore the world of poetry writing, I’ll share with you writing tips that I use when I write my poems, as well as ideas for revising your work. I won’t be commenting on your poems, but I’ll enjoy reading them after you’ve posted them online.”

Poetry Zone


“Welcome Poets! If you’re between four and eighteen years old, we’ll publish your poem in The Poetry Zone. You’ll also find poems and interviews by some of the best children’s poets around — and much more.” Some of the “much mores” are a Cat Poetry contest which ends May 31, 2001 (those are for poems written about cats, not by cats), poetry book reviews written by kids, and a monthly poll of favorite poetry collections. Submitted works can be read in the Poetry Gallery for about a month, and then are archived in the Old Poems Rest Home.

Writer’s Window


This marvelous site (with a yummy color scheme) accepts not just poetry, but also reviews, research papers, and short stories. Each section of the site includes some ideas to get your writing started. And being such a huge fan of reading (you must read if you want to improve your writing), I was thrilled to learn of the Book Back Chat project – email discussion groups for readers in grades 1 through 8. A calendar for upcoming discussions (starting as soon as May 4, 2001) is posted, and joining is as simple as filling out an online form.

Surfing the Calendar

Deaf History Month begins
Mar 13, 2001
Ireland National Day St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 17, 2001
Pocahontas’ Death Anniversary
Mar 21, 1617
Harry Houdini’s Birthday
Mar 24, 1874

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Poem-Making : Ways to Begin Writing Poetry

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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