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#1. April 8, 2009

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

Thank you for all the well wishes about my mom. I am occasionally sending Twitter updates, but with a big emphasis on “occasionally.” If you want to follow me there, my Twitter name is BarbaraFeldman.. I also cross post them at my Barbara Feldman blog.

With both Easter and Passover just around the corner, here are some coloring pages your little ones might enjoy:

Easter Coloring Pages

Passover Coloring Pages

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#3. How to Write an Essay

by Barbara J. Feldman

How to Write an Essay Printable (** for premium members only)

Essay writing is an essential skill that you will need all your life, not only in school. This week’s picks are directed students from grade 6th through college, and not only look at essay reports, but also address answering essay questions on tests.

American University in Cairo: Ten Steps to Writing an Essay
Freelance tech writer and college teacher Tom Johnson offers a thorough tutorial on how to write an essay, broken down into ten steps from research to editing the final draft. And although there are no guarantees in life or in writing, I agree with Johnson’s conclusion: “If you carefully follow the ten steps for writing an essay as outlined on this site — honestly and carefully follow them — you’ll learn how to write an essay that is more organized, insightful, and appealing. And you’ll probably get an A”

Basic Guide to Essay Writing
“Don’t let the thought of putting pen to paper daunt you. Get started!” Homeschooling mom Kathy Livingston includes sample essays in her eight-step approach to essay writing for middle-school students. She advocates a diagram (or mind map) to organize ideas that becomes the basic structure for your essay and will lead you into the creation of your thesis statement. “The thesis statement tells the reader what the essay will be about, and what point you, the author, will be making.”

The Five Paragraph Essay
The five paragraph essay is a commonly taught and tested structure. And although the author of this Geocities site doesn’t identify themselves, The Five Paragraph Essay is a good overview of this defined format. I particularly like the color-coded outline defining the role of each of the paragraphs. “The introductory paragraph is the place in which the writer introduces the reader to the topic. It is important to make this a clear and limited statement.”

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#5.Surfing the Calendar

National D.A.R.E. Day
Apr 8, 2009

Civil War Ended
Apr 9, 1865

Jumbo the Elephant Arrives in US
Apr 9, 1882

Apr 9, 2009

Safety Pin Patented
Apr 10, 1848

Spain Cedes Gibraltar to Great Britain
Apr 11, 1713

Jonas Salk’s Polio Vaccine Declared Safe and Effective
Apr 12, 1955

First Space Shuttle Launch
Apr 12, 1981

Apr 12, 2009

Civil War Begins with Confederate Attack on Fort Sumter
Apr 12, 1861

National Library Week
Apr 12-18, 2009

Alfred Butts’ (Inventor of Scrabble) Birthday
Apr 13, 1899

Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday
Apr 13, 1743

Leonardo da Vinci’s Birthday
Apr 15, 1452

Titanic Disaster
Apr 15, 1912

#6.Quote of the Week

“The highest result of education is tolerance.” ~~ Helen Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968) American author, deaf blind activist, lecturer.

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