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#1. June 24, 2009

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

We had a very nice Father’s Day at our household. I didn’t get to see my Dad, because he was off visiting my brother (450 miles away ) but my son did come join us, and we BBQ’d with
my sister- and brother-in-law. We considered going out to a Father’s Day Brunch, but decided against it.

Which got me to wondering … do most families make a bigger deal out of Mother’s Day than Father’s Day?

Let me know about your family traditions with this quick poll.

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

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#3. Stories

by Barbara J. Feldman

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This week’s crop of interactive, narrated stories is quite impressive. With professional storytellers and a humongous number of classic and original stories to choose from, you (and your kids) are going to love these sites.

KOL Jr. Stories
KOL Jr. (published by AOL for kids ages two to five) organizes their narrated storybooks into: Animals, Arthur, Fairy Tales, Family and Rhyming. Whichever you choose, you’ll be rewarded with read-along words highlighted in red as the storyteller reads the story out loud, and the pages (with their original illustrations) are turned automatically. The stories take about forty seconds to load on a DSL, so be prepared to wait a bit if your connection is slower.

Mrs. P
“Mrs. P is concerned because fewer and fewer kids are reading these days. Also, according to recent reports Mrs. P has seen, it is becoming harder and harder for many parents to find the time to read to their children.” Storyteller Mrs. P (played by actress Kathy Kinney) is my video pick of the day, with her classic children’s stories, read along options, engaging personal anecdotes, animated games and clever presentation. If you have a high speed connection, you can turn on more even more animated fun by clicking on Start Here, and selecting options such as “Bookcase titles say funny things.”

Speakaboos is a delightful find, chock full of classic video storybooks read by actors, along with games, e-cards, sing-along karaoke tunes, and printable coloring pages. The stories are divided into Favorites (such as Arthur and Holidays), Fables, Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales and Songs. A useful feature is “More on This Album: Play All” which will queue up all the songs (or stories) in a particular album. Some of the songs are available for free download (to your iPod or a DVD) while others are for sale in the iTunes Store.

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#6.Surfing the Calendar

John Adams’ Alien Act Approved
Jun 25, 1798

Start of Korean War
Jun 25, 1950

CN Tower Opened
Jun 26, 1976

Helen Keller Birthday
Jun 27, 1880

Mildred J. Hill Composes “Happy Birthday to You” Melody
Jun 27, 1829

First Giraffe in France Arrived in Paris
Jun 30, 1827

National Ice Cream Month

First U.S. Postage Stamp Issued
Jul 1, 1847

Battle of Gettysburg
Jul 1, 1863

First U.S. Zoo Opened in Philadelphia
Jul 1, 1874

Diana, Princess of Wales’ Birthday
Jul 1, 1961

#7.Quote of the Week

“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.” ~~ Dalai Lama. Tenzin Gyatso (born 6 July 1935) is the fourteenth and current Dalai Lama. He is a Buddhist monk, and the exiled leader of Tibet.

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